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Every product we develop is designed out of need. We put our products in real world tests because we know you need to be ready for the unexpected.

Who are we?

RACKTEC: Located in the heart of the Sierra's, we are dedicated to making the best rack systems available. Made in the USA.

2015: CTW with a strong foundation in Off-Road Accessories, CTW was founded by Nathin Doolin. However, he soon realized the potential for offering the community a wider range of products and services.

2017: Driven by his passion for roof racks, Nathin made the decision to venture into product design and development. It was an easy choice for him to pursue the creation of a new roof rack, which ultimately resulted in the establishment of Razerrack.

Mid 2019: In order to showcase our unyielding commitment to producing the finest racks available, we opted to rechristen ourselves as RACKTEC.

2020: Our name was officially changed to RACKTEC

2022: We launched our new website

OEM Fitment

Our products are meticulously designed to seamlessly fit and install like an OEM built accessory, ensuring a superior experience. Racktec racks offer unparalleled precision and ease of installation, surpassing any other rack system in the market.

Truck Shows & Overland

When it comes to our racks, we've carefully engineered them to excel in functionality, lightweight design, and timeless style. Who says you can't have it all? We make it seem effortless.


Racktec began its evolution with the Tanto Series rack, which was specifically designed for full-size SUVs and Jeeps. The Phantom Series, on the other hand, was created with the goal of providing an unparalleled fitment for each individual vehicle.

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